Guest Blog; 5 Songs That Helped Me Introduce Toilet Training

I’m Clare, a Mother of 2 girls (2 years old and almost 4 months old), and Mummy Blogger ( After I had my first born I felt there was a lot that seemed to be kept ‘secret’ when it came to many pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting topics that we all face, some on a daily basis. This is why I started my blog to try and help other new mums and to help build an online community to support one another.

Toilet training

This has been one of my biggest challenges so far! There are SO many opinions and advice when it comes to everything related to parenting and that can be a huge factor to new parents feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

  • When do I start toilet training my child?
  • How do I teach them to use the toilet?
  • Potty or Toilet?
  • Is my child ready?

The questions are endless and there is no one set way to go about it.

My eldest daughter turned 2 end of September 2017. I felt she was ready as she was telling me after she had done a poo. Changing her nappy was becoming a total pain in the butt as she would protest and scream and run away. She wanted control and having me tell her to change her nappy was not something she wanted to hear anymore. She has great communication skills so I thought she was ready and able to understand the learning process of toilet training. After all it is called ‘training’ for a reason. As ready or not ready as they may be YOU have to guide and teach them while helping them gain confidence. Can we really expect them to KNOW how to do it just by watching us when they follow you in? I don’t believe so. It takes a lot of patience and time to toilet train your child no matter how ‘ready’ they are.

Miss A loves music and this is when I decided music might be my saving grace to keeping her on the toilet for long enough to succeed.

5 Songs That Helped Me Introduce Toilet Training

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1. Sesame Street Potty Time:

Miss A loves Elmo so I typed ‘Elmo toilet training’ into YouTube and came across ‘Sesame Street Potty Time’. A cute little song where Elmo’s Dad tries to teach him about sitting on the potty, and how it will take time to get used to this new way of doing things instead of going in your nappy.

 Sesame Street: Potty Time

2. Potty Time:

This teaches them to know when it is time to go to the toilet and learning to listen to your body, and encouraging the kids by teaching them a little sign language to communicate ‘potty time’.

 Potty time

3. When You Have To Go Potty, Stop and Go Right Away:

This show in general (Daniel Tiger) is great for teaching children a number of things. Manners, skills, etc. This song is a great reminder for your child that it is ok to stop and go to the toilet as your toys will still be there when they return. It teaches them that even though you don’t want to stop playing, if you go right away you will be back playing again before you know it. Again this is a very difficult thing for some children to understand especially after years in nappies and not ever having to worry about it beforehand.

When You Have To Go Potty, Stop and Go Right Away


The last two videos are from an incredible app i use called 'Potty Time' (Android only. Sorry iPhone users). The videos are easy to access and i know that it's less likely for the kids to scroll over and click something else, like you can on Youtube.

I would highly recommend it to parents with kids who are being toilet trained.

4. Stop And Go:

I love this song as it teaches your child that once you have learnt how to use the potty or toilet you need to then learn the ‘Stop And Go’ no matter where you are. This is one of the hardest things I have found to teach. Miss A sings along to this song as she plays around the house, but remembering or wanting to STOP and actually stopping are two different things. Constant reminders still required. Your new favourite sentence will be “Do you need to go to the toilet?” 500x a day!

Stop Go

5. My Body Is Amazing:

This song teaches your child about all the amazing things it can do, and learning to read all the signals it gives you. ‘When you’re hungry’, ‘when you’re thirsty’, ‘when you’re tired’, ‘when you need to go to the toilet’, etc.

 Your Body Is Amazing

Toilet training is exhausting, it is mentally draining, and requires plenty of patience. Even after you think they have mastered it they may return to accidents. It is frustrating and you will feel like pulling your hair out but try and remember that it is all normal and you are ‘teaching’ them a new skill that they have never had to use before. Tell them after mistakes that it is ok, we can fix it, but next time we will try and get it into the toilet. Tell them that you are practising to use the toilet and try and stay calm and encourage them as much as you can.

Trust your gut instinct about when to start, what will work best for YOUR child and GOOD LUCK!!!!

Clare from Relaxed Parenting




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