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Mothers group is GOLD!

Once a week Tanner and I always catch up with the girls from Mothers Group. I am so lucky that I have such an awesome group that I still see on a weekly basis. We have many adventures together and its just a great way for the little ones to be social and also gives you a mental break along with some adult conversation.

We went to the park this week to make the most of the beautiful weather and the little ones had such a lovely time together. They have known each other since about 6 weeks old and I know that they are going to stay great buddies in the future. No one really understands what you are going through except your mothers group who are also living you day…if that makes sense?

After the official council mothers group sessions were up, we started just to go to each other’s house and that was awesome. When they were a little bigger we discovered play centres. And now we enjoy going to the park, but it is a lot of work chasing a toddler around at least you know they will hopefully have a good nap after it. Fingers crossed.

I love how easy it is to now to go on adventures, I just load the pram up with my Puggle Pram Organiser and Puggle Changing Wallet and I am all set. It’s the best.

These girls have been my on going focus group for my business, I am so lucky to have such an amazing support group. They are as excited as me when I am sharing new ideas for products and they have all tried, tested and loved my products. So, this is another way that you can be sure that our products are approved by REAL mums.

In closing my one piece of advice is that Mother Groups are GOLD!!! Make the effort to stay in touch as they are such an amazing support network.

All the best,


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