Shipping the little one off to Nan and Grandpas house

Getting your little one ready for an over night stay at Nan and Grandpa’s house

As I am now back a work a few days a week, we have needed to organise Tanner for some over night stays with my parents. I am so grateful that I have their help. But if you have every tried to pack up a little one for an over night stay, sometimes it feels like it is not even worth it!

I know one day I am going to forget something vital like the baby monitor or even worse “Unicorn” our special bed time teddy!! My life would be over if I forgot to pack her!

I should mention that while you are trying to pack their clothes in a bag they are usually trying to unpack everything that you are packing! I am speaking from experience. You need to make sure that you have packed for every occasion e.g. wet accidents, increment weather, food spillage. I won’t even mention needing to pack the pram, toys, bedding, bath toys and bag with possible medications like Panadol, Bonjela, thermomotor etc 😉. By the time you have packed for one night they might as well stay for a week.

It’s always hard to know how many nappies you need to pack, and if you are anything like my mum AKA Nan she will change Tanner even if there is a little bit of wee in there. So, I know that I always need to pack at least 3 times what I would usually pack. She just loves changing a nappy.

I do have piece of mind knowing that when I drop Tanner off my Puggle Nappy Bag is packed as I like it, so I know exactly what is in there. And I will also leave my Puggle Changing Wallet, fully stocked so when Nan and Grandpa take Tanner out they will have all that they need. These two products really do make my mummy life easier.

All the best for packing your little one up for any overnight stays. I feel you and know how hard it can be.

I should also mention lastly that while you have a NIGHT OFF!!! Make sure you make the most of it!!

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