Weekend Adventures and a Burnt Bum

On the weekend we took Tanner to a food and music festival, it was a lovely day for an outing. But you never know how you will go with navigating the pram around in a crowd. Luckily, we got there early, and it was not too busy. Nath took Tanner for a little play on the jungle gym, but not really thinking he sat her up on the play equipment and it was actually very hot from the sun and she burnt her little bottom. Poor love. She was wearing a dress too. Nath learnt a very valuable lesson from this. She was ok, we were heading to the beach after so would be able to cool her sweet butt cheeks in the water soon.

I also learnt a very valuable lesson too on this day and that is NEVER share an ice cream with a toddler I actually think that she had the whole thing. I was left with the cone by the time she finished with it. She absolutely loved it.  Its lucky she is a good teeth brusher. 

We then headed to the beach. I am always very interested with the different beach set ups that people do. From the standard beach umbrella to the full marquee. We went with the beach umbrella for this outing but soon took it down as a little gust of wind blew it over. It’s not the best design for a windy day.

We had been enjoying playing in the water for about half an hour when the wind surly picked up and almost every umbrella was blown about the beach. I was very happy that we had taken ours down at this stage. As the amount of people chasing their umbrellas was surly a sight to see. Even the people with the marquee struggled to keep it up.

This wind soon grew stronger and the beach was abandoned with in about 10 minutes. It was great knowing that we could just pick Tanner up out of the water and had our Puggle Changing Wallet pre-set up in the back of the car to make for a very quick and easy change to get her warm and dry.

We had such a lovely time out, but I am sure that you can agree that there is nothing better than just relaxing at home after you have had a busy day. Its even better when your little one is so pooped from the day that they go straight to sleep!! Winning!!

All the best for your beach adventures to come,



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